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"Hands and Feet" of Jesus: Meet David Eubank

David Eubank's daily trust in the guidance and protection of God, while performing heroic and awe-inspiring work in devastating war torn countries will blow you away. His transition story from special forces soldier to humanitarian soldier for Jesus will have you smiling at all of the good works that he and his army of volunteers are accomplishing in desolate war torn countries on the other side of the world.

David is the founder and driving force behind the "Free Burma Rangers" . His continuing 28 year mission started in Burma but now has spread to Sudan, Iraq and Syria. He and a few thousand trained missionaries are the "Hands and feet" of Jesus spreading love to those who most need it. You'll hear him tell some first hand amazing stories of challenges, tragedy and successes.

The "Free Burma Rangers" documentary is something you should definitely notch out some time to watch and is available at or you can find it on YouTube at

The Free Burma Rangers website is

And David's Book "Do This For Love" is available on Amazon.

I encourage you to jump in and take a listen to this week's episode with the remarkable David Eubank.


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