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More time in the NBA than Michael Jorden - Amazing Greats talks with Ed Rush

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Please share with me your biggest "take-away" from the Ed Rush episode.

What does our guest have in common with Dennis Rodman? Plus, he'll put to rest the controversy that arose in 2013. You'll hear those story and much more.

This guy has been up close and personal with every NBA legend in the game. With a whistle and a pair of court shoes, Ed Rush has been up and down the basketball court more times than any of America's great players, with 2500 games under his belt. He was an officiating mainstay in the NBA for 32 years including several years as the director of officiating.

Ed's had a truly Amazing career and more importantly, he's a devout follower of Jesus that started in a car ride from Vancouver to Seattle. It's all in the next few minutes as we dive deep into the life of Ed Rush.

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