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Surrendering to God- All Star shortstop Craig Reynolds

He was the first shortstop drafted for the all new Mariners team in 1977...and played for the American League All Star team that year. You'll hear his story about the challenging time in Seattle when he was ready to give it all up.

Craig Reynolds started his love of baseball as a kid, and was drafted right out of high school.

He was born into a Christian home and has spent a life time doing his best to live out his Christian values during his 14 years in major league baseball and then well beyond as a teaching pastor at one of Houston's largest churches.

Pastor Craig shares how he was able to transition from the "plate" to the "pulpit" and how relationships were and are a cornerstone to his spiritual life. We take a deep dive into the amazing life of this energized man of God in this episode of AMAZING GREATS.

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Thanks to George Toles for connecting us with Craig. For more on George's incredible life long mission check out

Thanks to Klem Daniels for producing and editing each of our episodes.


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