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The Godfather of Contemporary Christian music -The John Michael Talbot story

If you talk to any of the current list of awesome Christian Music Performers, somewhere in the conversation, John Michael Talbot's name will come up. In this awesome conversation between Amazing Greats guest host Joe Micheals and John he reveals how his young marriage fell apart as he became a Bible thumping legalistic Christian fanatic. Then hear how he flipped from an "anti-Catholic" to actually becoming a Franciscan monk who ultimately married a Catholic Nun and lives happily today in a monastic marriage. You can't make this stuff up! This man's story is truly amazing. John Michael Talbot's music, too, took some major flips over the years, as he transitioned from Christian folk rock to a unique sound that was all his own. Music that his record company said would never sell became massively successful. It's all here on AMAZING GREATS. Take a listen, share with a friend and hit subscribe to be notified when a new episode is available. Here is a complete Discography of all of his musical works: Here are all of the 26 books written by John Michael Talbot


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