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12 dog-inspired life lessons with Mark Tappan

Here is the heartwarming story of  a man and his canine police partner.  Mark Tappan,  a self confessed "non-planner",  found his way on the perfectly (divinely?) planned  career trajectory that lead him from a "Jesus epiphany" in the US Marine Corp,  to youth pastor to police officer and then the human companion of  A DOG NAMED MATTIS.   Now with 5 million followers on social media and a new book,  he shares his special bond and amazing true life stories along with his 6 year canine crime fighter.

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You'll hear some of the inside challenges of police dog training,  and what made Mattis an exceptional straight "A" certification graduate.   Mark is a gifted story teller and has some amazing stories to tell.   He shares a couple of them in this episode, including Angels who sang an unlikely  Neil Diamond song, a heart wrenching story of an  incredible kid who had a heart transplant,  and a Mark and Mattis police chase.  (among others)One might think pastoring and policing is an odd career progression  but Mark is convinced, for him, it was a God inspired combination that helped him find his true gift and passion.  And now he shares his story in a book with 12 chapters,  12 stories, and 12 lessons he learned in the process.  

  PS.  Remember,  DOG spelled backwards is GOD.  So, there is that.


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