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Bloom where you are planted- Jason Romano

Legendary coach and Jesus follower, Tony Dungy on a visit to ESPN asked producer Jason Romano how he was sharing his faith at the sports network. That question was a turn around moment for Jason as he recognized for the first time the importance of "Blooming where you are planted" wherever that might be. ESPN was fertile ground for him to bloom. Living his faith in a secular world.

In this episode you'll hear the difficult story of growing up with an alcoholic father, but also a God guided career story that led to a 17 year Emmy award winning career at ESPN. Jason shares the details of his rewarding transition from network producer to media director of a powerful podcast and media company that connects sports with faith: Sports Spectrum. Jason is a two time author. His first book "Live to Forgive" is a powerful look inside the tough life of growing up with an alcoholic parent with all of the struggles and challenges. His second book.: The Uniform of Leadership: Lessons on True Success from My ESPN Life

You can find his podcast, wherever you normally get your podcasts and check out about the great work at the website Sports Spectrum You can hear and see of the Amazing Greats podcasts on our website.


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