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Sports soundbites for Jesus- sports journalist John Strege

There are few people who have had more experience capturing the world of sports in the written word.  Particularly baseball and golf.  John Strege spent over 40 years sharing the highest and lowest moments in sports and everything in-between.  His one-on-one connection with sports stars and celebrities give him a unique frame of reference and has offered him a distinctive opportunity to share some of the most amazing stories in his new book, "In the BIG INNING...Where faith meets sports: A Christian sportswriter's perspective". 

In this episode of Amazing Greats you'll hear John share his stores and insight about Tiger Woods and his family,  Vin Scully, Tommy Laporta, Tim Tebow,  Muhammad Ali, Bobby Richardson,  and ESPN's Chris Mortensen....and many many more. 

Listen right here:

Watch right here:

But maybe the most amazing part of John's story is he and his wife's trail blazing adoption of the worlds very first frozen embryo.  Their now 28 year old daughter, Hanna,  became the first ever Snowflake adoption.  You'll hear the challenges and triumphs all right here on episode 61.   Don't miss it.  Buy the book and enjoy the stories and awesome writing of one of the best ever journalists:  John Strege.


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