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Gen Z- vision of hope?

With all the smack talk about the current crop of youth: the hip hop, rap, violent video games, phone addictions and social media....we had a chance to see the other side of that coin. In this episode of Amazing Greats we talk with 17 year old Isiah Lacombe. His vision of a better world is backed by an action plan that has made an impact on thousands of people on the other side of the globe. Is Isaiah an anomaly or is there something going on with this newest generation that is cause for optimism? Hear how Isiah has teamed with World Vision to make a difference by providing clean water in Rwanda and how that grew into something even bigger including the initial formation of a young peoples initiative called the "Next Gen Network". I was so encouraged by Isaiah's heart for caring and his diligence in following God's calling, I knew he had to be one of our AMAZING guests. Listen to his articulate story of giving in this episode of Amazing Greats! Here are the names of all of the Next Gen members who participated in the Health Clinic project in Zambia:

Caleb Chung, Ellie Sytsma, Jared Fontenette, Brooke Smarick, Heather Smarick, Emma Howes, Emma Lee, Jaydn Beppu, Maddy Clawson, Claire Muscat, Haley Lilla, and Jackson Razwick. Lauren Bishop Borgogna is the group coordinated, and Missy Eck and Randy Haacke are World Vision donor reps who volunteer in the group as well. If you would like to find out more about World Vision and how you might be able to help check them out at:


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