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Is "Christian Comedy" an Oxymoron?

No Way. In fact laughter may be one of God's greatest gifts. It is an expression of pure joy. C.S. Lewis said that the purest laughter on earth dwells in the kingdom of joy. Eccl. 3:4 says that for people, “there is a time to laugh" and If you look close there are examples of "zingers" throughout the Bible. In this episode of Amazing Greats we have the pleasure of talking with comedic actor and stand up comic (and pastor), Thor Ramsey, and the director of the new movie "CHURCH PEOPLE", Christopher Shawn Shaw. These guys were "crazy fun" to talk to and the conversation is filled with not only laughter...but wisdom and insight. Learn about Thor's overnight conversion, and Christopher's evolving Christian maturity. Plus you'll hear the back story of the making of their recent movie, a spoof on modern mega churches. Check out more about the movie, it's stars, and watch the trailer at: "Church People" will be available on SEPTEMBER 3rd. 2021 To buy Thor Ramsey's book: The Most Encouraging Book on Hell Ever

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