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The pastor's kid that went from Rock to Christian radio- Ron Harrell

Being a radio guy myself, I always find it fun and enlightening to chat with those radio leaders who are making waves in the business. Ron Harrell is one of those guys. He's been responsible for programming some of the most successful Top 40, Adult Contemporary and Country radio stations around the country for the past 30 years. Now he jumps in with both feet to bring his radio experience to a very different format as the new brand and content manager for a 42 station Christian radio network WAY-FM. You'll find out about some of the challenges in making the leap, how Christian radio differs from other formats and how his faith brought him to this new frontier. If you are a Contemporary Christian radio listener or have never experienced it, you'll find out how this kind of radio is special and how Ron approaches this new chapter in his radio career. If you are in one of the cities where WAY FM is, great. If Not...just ask Alexa to play WAY-FM or find them online live at


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