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If you love hearing awesome stories of life and faith like we do, I know you will find these podcasts inspiring and encouraging.

God is alive and well and on the move.  

Listen for proof in story after story not only on  "Amazing Greats"  but from these incredible podcasts as well.  




CIA: The Contagious Influencers of America Podcast. Meet the Gamechangers, the Influencers and those who are not afraid to show up with a shovel if that's what it takes to move a mountain. Go inside the minds of true American trailblazers who are making a difference by sharing their stories of personal triumph, overcoming obstacles, defeating fear, fighting addiction, and rejecting failure. Hosted by 9-time Emmy winner David Sams with TV personality Victoria Robinson and author, speaker and life coach to the stars, Tim Storey.

Join Sarah Taylor as she explores how you find your passion (what were you made to do?) and your purpose (how do you give back to the world?)

Passion Meets Purpose is story-driven - conversations with people just like you who are on fire... for the right things. For beautiful things. For things that matter.

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 John Lennon once famously said The Beatles were bigger than Jesus. Now hear the real stories from the former U.S. Manager of the Beatles’ Apple Records, Ken Mansfield and legendary Christian artist and label executive Eddie DeGarmo as they discuss the intersection of Jesus and the Beatles. New Episodes of this limited series come out Monday and Thursday starting November 22, make sure to subscribe so you never miss one!

"Jesus Freaks: Vinyl to Digital" is a weekly cast dedicated to current and past Contemporary Christian Music and the artists behind the music. Each week your host Jason Huddle will interview a different artist about their career, faith and the stories behind the songs. 

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