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Surviving the saddest story in baseball

Dave Dravecky, a left-handed major league pitcher who played for the Padres and Giants, brings his infectious zest for life and his compelling life narrative to this episode. He recounts his personal faith journey, starting from a seemingly mystical encounter with God on a playground at the age of 12, a memory that has stayed with him for over 50 years. His path to a deeper connection with God was marked by various pivotal moments, such as a transformative baseball trip to South America where he witnessed extreme poverty, a roommate who shared a small baseball book, and a Bible he found in a hotel room drawer.

Listening to Dave share the challenging highs and lows of his journey, which included a battle with cancer, treatment, and an unexpected return to baseball, is truly inspiring. Despite being dubbed the "come-back kid" after his return to the sport, Dave's life shortly after, once again took a major turn. He emphasizes the importance of learning to express his struggles during tough times, highlighting that even Christians can experience depression. His remarkable story is nothing short of extraordinary, and I encourage you to hear all the inspiring details directly from him on Amazing Greats.

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