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God is everywhere in Steve Preston’s story

A powerhouse in business and government, Steve’s faith journey starts at age 12. A summer with relatives, and a baptism in a lake at church camp launched a lifetime of inspiring stories. You’ll here about his humble beginnings, an unlikely education at Northwestern University, time on Wall Street, how Omaha changed his life , and his call to serve at the Small Business Administration and as HUD secretary under George W Bush during two separate financial challenges.

At about 27 minutes in, Steve shares an awesome family faith nugget and he’ll also share his personal career commitment not to work just for money, prestige or power. Finally, you’ll hear about his most recent chapter and how his personal mission statement and his career choice amazingly merged as he accepted the position of CEO of Goodwill Industries.

"Amazing Greats" is a library of interviews with highly successful people who have amazing career and life stories and who share how God has impacted their journey. Hosted by broadcaster Ric Hansen & produced by Klem Daniels. Available on Apple, Spotify, iHeart, Google and our YouTube Channel. Please help us grow our audience by "liking", "subscribing and "Sharing". Thanks so much.


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