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Bedside Bible changed everything- Gaby Viesca

She believed she was never going to be a Christian. Farthest thing from her mind. Gaby Viesca was a highly successful soccer player turned upward mobile corporate executive for Genreal Electric. She was on the fast track to success at a very young age. Being famous and wealthy were her life goals. She had no time for God.

Until it all changed in a moment.

This is her amazing story. You will hear all of the details of a life completely transformed in this, episode 37, of Amazing Greats.

Gaby's persistent mom, the story of "Ester" and faith the size of a mustard seed lead to her changed life based on her profound 4 word prayer and declaration:


Enjoy this upbeat and inspirational look into the life of Gaby Viesca and what has led to her love of the Bible and what she calls her "Freelance Ministry".


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