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Margo Day's 5 loaves & 2 fish. Empowering women in Kenya

Margo Day empowers women on the other side of the globe, in Kenya. That's her passion. That's what happens when you reach the height of your career....but somehow know there is something more?

Margo Day was clearly at the top of her game as a Vice President at Microsoft but somehow didn't feel fulfilled. She knew there was something more for her. She kept praying for what God had for her....but no answer. As much as she struggled with what was next, nothing seemed to click....until....until....she went on vacation.

That vacation changed everything and the course of her life took a big turn from that point forward. Now she describes her success and happiness as 1000 times greater than ever before. You'll feel her energy and passion as she tells her story, on this very special episode of AMAZING GREATS.

To help support her mission in Kenya you can go to

Or to reach her great work through World Vision

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