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Don't buy the lie! NFL Star Sherman Smith

This episode just oozes with wisdom from one of the most successful players and coaches in football. You'll hear how the game of football is just a small part of the impact Sherman Smith has on players. From High school to the NFL his unique slant on what it takes to be

successful is what makes his story so compelling. As a follower of Jesus he strives to walk the walk and let his actions speak. As he says. "It's not what I do, or say, IT'S WHO I AM, that matters most. You'll hear about the power of the team's FRIDAY MORNING DEVOTIONALS, why some players were depressed even shortly after a Super Bowl win, and the incredible miracle story that he shares in the Kendrick Brothers film: "SHOW ME THE FATHER". Episode 28 is one of my very favorites as I got to know Sherman TANK.

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Listen to Sherman Smith's amazing story.


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