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Mike McCoy- Notre Dame and Green Bay football star

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Mike McCoy was a star at Notre Dame then off to an 11 year NFL award winning career as defensive tackle with Green Bay. In todays amazing story of his life and career you'll hear about his time in football, but maybe more powerful was his transition into prison ministry, and then to his youth mission, sharing the Gospel with young people in Catholic schools throughout America: Mike McCoy Ministries. From a tough childhood with an alcoholic father, Mike found football, several solid mentors and the goodness of God's grace that gave him the confidence to excel. Beyond his Catholic upbringing, you'll hear the specifics of how Mike learned to really know Jesus. Including his personal experience with the "JESUS REVOLUTION' Mike was right in the midst of it in the 70's. In fact he spoke to a crowd of over 200,000 Jesus Freaks in Dallas at Expo 72. There were some heart breaking challenges in Mike's story too. He lost his wife Kia, a professional ice skater, to cancer 10 years ago. Her journey was captured in a book his son published called "Angel on Ice: A mother's legacy of trusting God's sovereignty". To see the 5 minute video of Kia's journey, Click here. Enjoy the amazing story of football great, Mike McCoy! #mikemccoy #Greenbay #Jesusrevolution #Angelonice #Amazinggreats

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