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Faith and fitness with PJ Glassey

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Our Amazing Greats episode today focuses on the science of fitness combined with the power of spirituality. Our guest, PJ Glassey, was our guest to make the youngest alter call at the age of 6, which launched a life long journey in Christ. From that, combined with his passion for fitness, was the starting place for the birth of the XGyms and the XGym app. His unique approach to fitness was built on 3 characteristics: It is designed for people with a busy life style, it's safe and focuses on strength and endurance, not on body building and bulk. You'll hear the specifics on how his fitness methods work and the science behind it. PJ explains his thoughts on the power of the mind and the importance of faith in developing a healthy and fit lifestyle. He clearly outlines the need to understand your body type and your mental strengths and weaknesses before you launch your fitness journey, and how to be successful in making a healthy life change that can be sustained over time. The Bible says that our bodies are our temple and a gift from God. It is with gratitude for that gift that we are called to take care of it. You'll hear PJ's awesome God moments, and challenges and how fitness can be obtained by all of us no matter what shape we are currently in. I hope you'll find his story inspiring and a call to take our health seriously celebrating God's gifts without consuming our lives. Here is the link to the XGym App And the Home page for the Website:

"Amazing Greats" is a library of interviews with highly successful people who have amazing career and life stories and who share how God has impacted their journey. Hosted by broadcaster Ric Hansen & produced by Klem Daniels. Available on Apple, Spotify, iHeart, Google and our YouTube Channel. Please help us grow our audience by "liking", "subscribing and "Sharing". Thanks so much.


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