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When the Holy Spirit opens doors- Brock Huard

This conversation is jammed with inspiration and wisdom from athlete, broadcaster and Jesus follower, Brock Huard. In the next few minutes you'll hear about the power of community in the form of small groups of like-minded believers including some of the important ingredients for building powerful connections.

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Brock shares how he has successfully integrated his faith with the fast paced world of professional sports and broadcasting. In his crazy busy world at Fox Sports (and more) he prioritizes time with his wife, family, small group and his work with Compassion International and his faith based podcast "Above and Beyond" (where faith and sports intersect).

You'll hear Brock's powerful message: Listen and watch for the leading of the Holy Spirit and seize the opportunity to walk through the doors that are opened for you.

Oh yea. and the power of the bubble bath.


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