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The creator of K-Love radio - Bob Anthony

A new music industry blossomed when radio stations began giving Christian Music artists a platform to reach millions nationwide. In a world where Christian radio was dominated by pay-for-play teaching and preaching programs one guy had a new idea. His name is Bob Anthony. You'll hear how a rock and roll Top 40 DJ helped ignite an all new way to share the Gospel. He put the first high energy, lively and engaging music driven radio station on the air in the late 70's that proved successful in building a new kind of Christian radio audience. Young contemporary artists emerged and began to write a new kind of worship music, many of which took their origins from the book of Psalms or other scripture and gave them a good beat, catchy melody and created hit music that glorified God. That was the start of what has become the worlds largest Christian radio network, K-LOVE, that reaches 7 million people every week with positive and encouraging music in a presentation that is not unlike what Top 40 stations have been doing for years. You can watch the complete K-LOVE story beginning with Bob Anthony's original idea right up to the legendary place it holds in contemporary Christian Music today on this YouTube video.

Or watch it right here right now:



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