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TV's Penny LeGate on navigating challenges

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The smiling face and genuine personality of television host and newscaster Penny LeGate has graced Northwest homes for over 2 decades. As co-host of KING TV's Evening Magazine and morning anchor on KIRO news she was (is) a star.

On this Amazing Greats podcast she is authentic, vulnerable and opens up about her life's victories and struggles (...and we didn't even get a chance to talk about her husband's heart transplant and her own bout with cancer. )

Beyond her public life, her humanitarian work speaks loudly of her love of Jesus and her commitment to walking a Christ-like path. Penny has spent years working diligently to help combat polo in countries all over the world as well as traveling to Ethiopia with Dr. James Guzek to shed light on his miracle sight-giving mission. She has also led the charge to help young people struggling with additions and spearheaded the first drive to equip Seattle police officers with the opioid overdose drug, Narcan. Hear about it all in this compelling episode.

In today's pod, you will come to know the Penny LeGate that goes beyond her TV persona.

"Amazing Greats" is a library of interviews with highly successful people who have amazing career and life stories and who share how God has impacted their journey. Hosted by broadcaster Ric Hansen & produced by Klem Daniels. Available on Apple, Spotify, iHeart, Google and our YouTube Channel.

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