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Fox News' Shannon Bream shares the love!

Shannon Bream is an accomplished journalist, attorney, hosted Fox News@Night for years and now is Host of Fox News Sunday. Add to that, she's a podcast host and an author. We were excited to notch out a little time with this very busy woman for this Amazing Greats episode.

We kick off our conversation by talking about her latest book "The Love Stories of the Bible Speak"... an awesome glimpse of the Biblical lessons on romance, friendships and faith that she shares in the book.

We'll jump back and find out about her own Christian Journey and when her youthful foundation of faith developed into a true relationship with Him.

With her rich journalistic overview, Shannon offers her take on a variety of current cultural issues, including youth and Christianity (the Jesus Revolution and Asbury University Revival) and the positive outlook and challenges facing Christians in todays world.

Bream was willing to spend some time sharing her personal health challenges as well and walks us through the ultimate miracle result.

Articulate, inspirational and definitely an AMAZING GREAT!

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