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Alan Mason, K-Love's retired President: How Christian radio changes lives!

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K-Love Radio is heard on nearly 1000 radio signals in 48 states, Samoa, Puerto Rico and Washington DC. It is by far the largest outlet for Contemporary Christian music in the world. It is truly a phenomenon! It started with one radio station in California with one guy's "God inspired" idea. (Founder, Bob Anthony was our guest on episode 43 in season 2)

In this episode we get some of the inside scoop on K-Love's exponential growth in the last few decades with our guest Alan Mason. He was the COO and then president of K-Love starting in 2004 until his retirement in 2020.

You'll find out the keys that make K-Love such a powerful ministry, how music is selected and programmed, who are the Christian music superstars and what's really at the heart of the Christian music industry.

Alan shares his own personal story and the impact that his wife Becky has had on his faith journey. You'll hear how God directed him to make the most improbable career decision that didn't even make sense to him.

I think you will find that this is an awesome inside look at the fastest growing radio format in the country, what makes it work and how it is so much different than any other music format. Take a listen and you too will become a "radio insider"!!

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