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Arlyn Lawrence-It’s not about religion, it’s about your heart.

An avid reader, a lover of the written word, this is the unlikely story of Arlyn Lawrence’s God inspired path from newspaper writer to magazine columnist to successful book editor, consultant and author.  Her company Inspira Literary Solutions has been instrumental in the publishing of literally hundreds of books.  Her company’s mission is to help writers; “ From idea in head, to book in hand”.  

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She’ll share how her life long Christian journey became her own,  half way around the world with the help of  (you guessed it) a book.   And it was in the middle of a writers conference that she heard God’s call to take a different and unique path.  She responded and with God as her promoter her career path launched in a non traditional way.  

In this Amazing Greats episode Arlyn Lawrence sheds light on her thoughts about prayer, women’s groups, and listening for and responding to God’s direction. 

Her newly published book  “Encounters at the well: A journey to Joy and Freedom”  is the first of a three book series and you’ll get a great glimpse at what to expect and how to use this devotional/study guide to get to the heart of the Bible story and its powerful message to women (and men).

Sit back and enjoy a few minutes with this amazing woman and her inspiring journey.  

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