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Being a Peace maker in a violent world- Author Jason Porterfield

Jason Porterfield has dedicated his life to the cause of peace. After giving up his comfortable suburban lifestyle at an early age to move into some of the darkest slums of the inner city he experienced first hand the most challenging living conditions in the poorest communities. From Camden New Jersey, to Vancouver Canada's Downtown Eastside and then to Indonesia he lived and shared life with the most desperate, homeless, and drug addicted communities.

As a part of his experience, you'll hear the powerful story of the gruesome serial killer Robert Pickton and how that story impacted Jason personally and the community where he lived.

In this episode you'll learn how Jason's mission (Through Servants) was one of love and friendship within a population that was not necessarily starving for food, but for companionship. Community dinners and sharing life through homelessness, "pre-Hab" and "re-Hab" became the open door for trust and conversation that would ultimately lead to questions and interest in this man named Jesus.

Porterfield's amazing book "Fight Like Jesus: How Jesus Waged Peace Throughout Holy Week" focuses on the teachings of the ultimate peacemaker, Jesus Christ, who called on us to not only love our neighbor but to love our enemies as well. Nothing exemplified that message more than the amazing events of Holy Week described in Jason's book like you've probably never heard it before. Jason Porterfield tracks each day of that week and focuses on how Jesus used the week of his crucifixion to share his vision of peace in very powerful ways. You'll love this book!!


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