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C.S. Lewis's untold story revealed by actor Max Mclean

Max Mclean may well be the foremost authority on one of the greatest authors and intellectuals of the past century, C.S. Lewis. After all, Mclean has spent a big part of his life capturing the essence of Lewis through stage presentations and now in film.

Max Mclean is the founder and executive director of the Fellowship for the Performing Arts in New York who specialize in artistic performances through a Christian world view.

Mclean is the star of the movie, " The Most reluctant convert. The Untold Story of C. S. Lewis", now available for the first time through stream or DVD. Whether you are a fan of C.S. Lewis's many works (Chronicles of Narnia and dozens more) or not, this powerful biopic will reveal the life and genius of one of the worlds great thinkers. You'll be captivated by his conversion from atheist to theist and ultimately to one of Christianity's most vocal apologist. The theatrical debut of the movie was met with such a large audience that it remained in theaters well beyond its original run. Now, "The Most Reluctant Convert" is available on line at This movie is likely to become the defining masterpiece that memorializes the amazing life of C.S. Lewis.

In addition to his incredible solo performances on stage and now in film, Max Mclean also makes the word of God come to life as the voice of the "Listener's Bible" (NIV).

PS If you are new to C.S. Lewis I encourage you to read his book' "Mere Christianity". It is not a light read and you may need to spend some time with it, but it is truly a work of art.


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