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Godwinks. No Coincidence.

SQuire Rushnell and Louise DuART

Impressionist and comedian Louise DuART shared the stage with Tim Conway and Harvey Corman for over ten years. SQuire Rushnell was an ABC network executive that brought "Good Morning America" to #1 and launched Emmy award winning "School House Rock". Their lives have been filled with Godwinks.

What are Godwinks?

You'll not only hear about what they are, you will hear some incredible true life stories that demonstrate their power. This husband and wife team, SQuire Rushnell and Louise DuART are a couple of the most engaging story tellers I have ever met. And every story is true and documented. You'll hear Stasha's amazing story of Emmett Kelly, the worlds most famous "Sad Faced" clown. Plus Joyce Meyer's wash rags prayer. And both Louise and SQuire will share some personal Godwinks that changed their lives. Godwinks can be big, or small but they are happening all around us, all the time. We just have to pay attention.

These two have authored over 12 best selling Godwink books, have produced 4 Godwink Christmas movies on Hallmark and just this year their story "Rescued by Ruby" has become one the mosts watched movies of all time on Netflix .

One of their passion projects is uncovering the power of couples who pray together...their books "Couples who Pray" and the "40 Day Prayer Challenge" share the power of partnered prayer. You can learn all about it on their website

I encourage you to engage in their inspiring work by checking out their website;

(And purchase any of their books with personal autographs)

Join the Godwinkers Facebook group by searching for Godwinkers and sign up.

All their books are available on Amazon, Godwinks Christmas Movies are available at the Hallmark Channel and "Rescued by Ruby" is streaming on Netflix.

This episode is a little longer than usual (well there were to guests after all) but it is fun and inspirational and one of the best one's yet. Enjoy.



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