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Listening for God's direction-Jonathan Cotton

Sometimes it takes a leap of faith.  Literally.  It was a leap with no real landing spot for this creative genius when he packed his vehicle and headed off to the entertainment capital of LOS ANGELES.  His only destination for sure was a storage unit there for his possessions.  His wife and five kids were dropped off with friends in Redding and he was headed for a God inspired adventure into the wild world of acting....voice acting.  No home, no job, just a promise from God that this was where he needed to be.  God's never wrong. 

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Jonathan listened and responded to the call, in faith, and is now a  successful talent in one of the most competitive industries in the world.  His cast of character voices, set him apart from most, and his "story teller" voice is smooth, natural and able to relate any story with ease.  Bible verses, book readings and musical vocals he does it all.    In this episode you will hear his work, get to know this warm and loving Christian man, and walk away inspired by his life story and Christian Journey.  Jonathan Cotton  and his story are indeed AMAZING!If you are struggling with a major life decision or have taken your own leap of faith at some will be able to relate to what listening and responding looks likeWhat's next for Jonathan?  We asked.  I loved his answer.                               ___________________________________________________________

Also in this conversation we mentioned another voice talent we talked to in Episode #12 , Melissa Disney.We briefly brought up another actor who has become the voice of the Bible on the YouVersion App,  Max Maclean, our guest on Episode  #24#voicetalent, #Jonathancotton, #voiceactor, #amazon, #jeffBezos,#animation


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