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Cancer, a car crash, & brain bleed hasn't stopped Care Tuk

Hear the story of a body held together by bolts, screws, titanium plates, and 25-pound mono-filament fishing line. You can't find a more dramatic, heart-wrenching, raw, honest, and inspiring story than that of Care. A 14 time cancer survivor, Care's secret is her unfaltering faith in God.

Obstacles and adversity are common to us all. But turning challenges into opportunities and difficulties into adventures is the hallmark of a powerful, fruitful, joyful life. Doing it with God's help is the cornerstone of a one's walk in faith.

Care has authored her second book, which was just released in October 2021. Read her continuing story in

Don’t Wimp Out! Finding Faith, Courage and Victory in Life’s Daily Battles

Care's first book introduces you to this amazing woman and her struggles. It will you amaze you, how upbeat and hopeful she is after all of the things she has been though. Truly an inspiration.


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