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Facing the blitz with NFL Quarterback Jeff Kemp

This was one of my favorite conversations with a champion of a guy. So many great stories and he shared some vulnerable moments.

NFL quarterback Jeff Kemp shares his worst moment in life and how it became his most spiritual moment.

Plus What he learned from his three favorite coaches.

He explains the value of a consumer attitude versus an investor attitude in relationships…

He outlines his three strategies for turning trials into triumphs

You’ll hear about how identity is something not earned, but received…

Also listen for Jeff’s explanation on how in prayer, it’s maybe more important to ask God to “FIX ME”….not just ... “FIX MY CIRCUMSTANCES.”

Wow…don’t wait, jump in and enjoy Jeff Kemp’s life story and insights.

If you want to view the conversation on YouTube:

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Facing the Blitz: Three Strategies for Turning Trials Into Triumphs

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