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"Finding Purpose on and off the Field: The Journey of Christian NFL Player Clint Gresham"

You'll love this story of a young "feeling" kid, who is ADHD, filled with anxiety and lacking in self confidence but ends up as a Super Bowl champion in the NFL and a sought after speaker and author.  In this episode we walk through the up and down seasons in the life of Seahawk's long snapper, Clint Gresham.

 As a boy growing up in Texas, church was always a part of his story....but it became the focus of his story when he made a radical shift in 2009 when one month changed his life to this day.  It happened with the help of a mentor who cared enough to be present and to speak into his life. 

Listen right here:
Watch right here:

Clint's football story includes times of disappointment, frustration and heartache but his obedience to God, as crazy at it seemed at times, revealed HIS awesome grace on the other side. 

You'll hear some inside thoughts on coach Pete Carroll, plus Clint's call to create a prophetic video called, "The Making of a Champion",  as well as the intense emotion that a Super Bowl win and loss  can evoke. 

Our conversation took a deep dive into the power of words, and some thoughts on the value of pain and so many other inspiring bits of wisdom.

This guy is the real deal:  authentic, vulnerable and willing to share it all!

Definitely read his book: "Becoming"

And watch the short 15 minute video with Russell Wilson, Sherman Smith and more.  "Making of a Champion"


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