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Gratitude in all circumstances- Care Tuk's continuing story.

Care Tuk has been through more physical challenges than anyone we've known. But that has not robbed her of her sense of humor, her positive attitude and her special relationship with God. This is our second opportunity to chat with Care on Episode 22. You'll hear about her continuing health challenges that would have brought most of us down. Along with a health update, "Amazing Greats" host Klem Daniels jumps in with a meaty conversation about near death experiences, the power of her marriage with her care-giving husband, and her unique relationship with her best friend.....God. Care shares her amazing ability to keep a positive attitude: finding and focusing on one good thing even on her worst days. As she says....You can be IN pain or you can BE a pain. This episode can't help but touch you and make you feel grateful for every single day of good health. Her website and blog http;// Her books Care has authored her second book, which was just released in October 2021. Read her continuing story in

Care's first book introduces you to this amazing woman and her struggles. It will you amaze you, how upbeat and hopeful she is after all of the things she has been though. Truly an inspiration. "Loose Screws and skinned Knees" Available now on her website


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