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Jesus' miracles online & text chats. Sean Dunn is on a mission

It starts with a thirty second streaming video online, then live text conversations with compassionate volunteers and ultimately ends up in an amazing number of young people who have committed their lives to Christ. Hundreds of thousands of hurting teens, and young adults have found their way to a meaningful relationship with Jesus on that simple devise they check over 100 times per day....their phone! I am so exhilarated by what this man is doing through an organization he founded called Groundwire and As a social Christian in his youth group it was all about the friends and the social connection until one night after the group left the church and he stayed after. At age 14, Sean Dunn as a crazy kid, had a moment with Jesus that changed his life. After a clear message from God that night he wrote at the back of his King James Bible what he knew to be his calling; "Contending for a generation" : Evangelizing to young people. In this episode you will hear his story about how that became his passion. His "MISSION TO A MILLION" is not only his goal right now, you'll hear how he plans to reach that goal soon. Click here for a REAL-TIME look at a map of the number of conversations and commitments right now TODAY all over the country. Amazing! SHOW NOTES Check out Groundwire on line Also, take a look VOLUNTEER COACH ? If you feel you might be called to be a volunteer coach you can find out more and complete an application here There are no specific qualifications and Groundwire will provide training. PARTNER CHURCH ? If your church would like partner with Sean to welcome newly committed youths in your area and invite them into a welcoming, non-threatening church community you can find out more here. Buy his book on Amazon:


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