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" The Eve Of Destruction" launched Barry McGuire's God story

Barry McGuire rocked the world of Top 40 music with a brash, scathing depiction of a world in turmoil. His number one hit song "Eve of Destruction" focused on the chaos surrounding the Vietnam war , the draft, Nuclear weapons, civil rights, and communism. It was so controversial, some radio stations and some countries banned the song from the airwaves. It jumped to the the top of billboard magazine in 1965, bumping the Beatles "Help" out of the number one spot.

Although that song helped Barry McGuire capture a place in rock history, his life story is a slice out of the American music narrative. McGuire was a key player in the very early days of folk and rock music. He started with the New Christie Minstrels, hung out with the best of the best musicians in LA, was a singer song writer and produced 26 albums, acted in movies, was part of the cast of the Broadway smash, 'HAIR' and was a devoted follower of Jesus from 1971 to today.

It's all here on this episode of Amazing Greats. If your are looking for even more proof of God's presence take a listen.

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