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PAT BOONE- a national treasure. His story part 1

Our Amazing Great's podcast comes to you from the Beverly Hills home (since 1960) of Pat Boone. This conversation with an American entertainment Icon, launches with the story of two Tennessee boys who captivated millions during the beginning days of rock and roll. Hear how he and Elvis first met and became friends at a sock hop in Cleveland.

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You'll hear about Pat's many career triumphs as well as some emotional moments as he shares some of the marital challenges in the early years. It was a pivotal time in his faith journey as Pat reveals the power of the Holy Spirit in the life of he and his family.

If that weren't'll hear about his friendship with Ron and Nancy Reagan and a spectacular moment of prophecy at the Governor's mansion.

...and this is just part one. Part two of the Pat Boone story will be in our next Amazing Greats podcast.

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The Mulligan (Movie) Trailer

Thanks to Dan O'Neil for connecting us with Pat Boone.

Thanks to Klem Daniels for producing the show each week.


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