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Pro Basketball, Heavy Metal, and the continuing Pat Boone story.

As we conclude our two part series with entertainment legend Pat Boone, you'll hear how he took a chance on the pro Basketball team "Oakland Oaks" in the American Basketball league and helped establish the 3 point shot, that changed the game. Then he'll tell the story about shocking the entertainment world with his wild adventure into the world of Heavy Metal. Pat will share his contribution to gospel music and then he'll sing a clip from the "pop song" that shared the gospel back in 1958. You'll get a sneak peak at Pat's soon to be released new book, called "IF" set to be published in September. At 88 years old he is making waves and helping change lives. Enjoy his story, as only he can tell it.

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Thanks to Dan O'Neil for connecting us with Pat Boone.

Thanks to Klem Daniels for producing the show each week.

Listen to Pat Boone's spin on "Stairway toe Heaven"

Hear his "Pop" single from 1958 that may be a forerunner to Contemporary Christian music before it was a thing.....

The Mulligan (Movie) Trailer



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