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Radio introduces Jesus to the world- Wayne Pederson

On this episode of Amazing Greats, we talk with Wayne Pederson a life long Christian, and career broadcaster. We'll hear about his early conflict between his faith and his passion and how they ended up merging. At 16 years old he had an "AH-HA" Jesus moment that shaped the rest of his life.

Wayne's life work centers around bringing the name of Jesus to remote areas of the world to people who had never been exposed to Christianity including some of the most religiously repressed countries like Russia, North Korea, Mongolia, Indonesia, Ukraine, Vietnam, Cambodia and Africa. Not through one time mission trips, but through ongoing live radio broadcasts and live streams. The work he has dedicated his life to, now reaches millions of people every day with the message of the Gospel.

Wayne currently works with Far East Broadcasting Company and is focusing his life on "Finishing well".

Check out the tree largest organizations that are bringing the Christian Message to millions of people all over the world via radio and streaming.

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