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The fighter pilot who failed kindergarten! -Ed Rush

He grew up in a family of achievers. So it was no surprise when he achieved top level performance in the Marines as a fighter pilot and instructor. Pivoting from the military to a successful entrepreneur career helped to crystalize his simple but powerful tools for success that he now has shared with millions of people as a best selling author, speaker and coach. In episode 20 of the Amazing Greats podcast you'll get to know Ed Rush. You'll learn some of his philosophies, tactics and techniques that have helped guide him. When it really gets interesting is when he ties spirituality to business. Not only are they compatible, they are absolutely inseparable. His core belief is that when we partner with God, amazing things get done.

Our host this week, Klem Daniels has been to one of Ed's live events, and has read his books, so he gets right to the heart of what makes Ed Rush tick. Enjoy this fascinating one-on-one conversation.

To learn more about Ed Rush go to:

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Or follow his podcast "Ed Talks", available wherever you get your podcasts. They are short and powerful !


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