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Unveiling the Potential: How to Guide the Next Great Generation with Jonathan Catherman

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They don’t really teach parenting skills in school. I guess we’re expected to just figure it out through trial and error. That’s a pretty flawed way, when human lives are in our hands. Unconditional love for our kids is a great start and a perfect foundation for good parenting, but it’s not exactly a strategy. My guest on this episode Jonathan Catherman, has made it his life’s mission to build a toolset for parents to use in raising well prepared kids at every age.

He’ll share some of his awesome insights here. Plus, he’ll share his optimistic outlook on the current emerging generation, and why he things it will be the next GREAT GENERATION. Jonathan also shares some great ideas on how parents can help their kids connect with Jesus and build their own relationship with him and not just adopt their parents faith. This weeks episode is loaded with practical information about successful parenting. Here are the additional links to connect with Jonathan and his great work. Jonathan Catherman's website


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