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The "Story Teller's" story. Brant Hansen's amazing mission.

In Amazing Greats Episode #15 we talk with Brant Hansen. He is the most listened to Contemporary Christian radio personality in the world. Brant is heard daily on over 200 stations. But when you tune in, don't expect the typical preaching or teaching. Oh no. He shares his love and the message of Jesus in a unique and refreshing way. You can expect to laugh, be inspired and maybe even a little choked up at times. His dry sense of humor and the explosive laughter of his co-host Sheri Lynn will keep you smiling. You'll love their unique twist on the everyday challenges, hopes and dreams that we all share. Combine that with the most popular contemporary Christian music and Brant and Sheri will keep you entertained for hours.

Although Brant is a Radio Host, he works for the world wide charitable organization, " CURE INTERNATIONAL" as their "Story Teller" . CURE International is a Christian non-profit organization that operates a global network of eight children’s hospitals providing world class surgical care and intentional spiritual care to children living with treatable disabilities.

It's Brant's life mission to champion the cause for these young people. Radio is his megaphone to the world.

In addition Brant has written three best selling books. "Unoffendable", "Blessed are the Misfits" and his latest: " The Truth About Us" All available on AMAZON.

If you've heard Brant and Sheri you know what I am talking about, if you haven't, you are in for a real treat. Check to see if they are on the air in your city or state. The current, complete list of stations they are on can be found in this list.

Enjoy getting to know brant in these next few minutes.

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