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The Thanksgiving Dinner that's affected millions - DAN O'NEILL

The ripple effect of a fund raising dinner at the home of entertainer Pat Boone continues to make a powerful impact on the world today. Last year alone 50 million people in 40 different countries were touched by the staff of 5400 team members at MERCY CORP. The star studded dinner, led to a dinner at the White House and gained the support of Jimmy and Roselyn Carter which gained the notoriety needed to spark the momentum that got the ball rolling.

In this episode of AMAZING GREATS you'll hear about the ugliness of war, and the 33 year mission to bring relief to those who were victims.

I talk with the one man who started it all in the late 70's, Dan O'Neill. He'll share his personal story of faith, and challenges as he grew one of the most powerful relief organizations in the world. From the birth of his miracle child to the reality of panic attacks and PTSD after spending time in devastated war torn countries. Real and raw he takes us on his life journey.

Dan is a writer who's written dozens of books, and despite keeping copious notes documenting his story through the years, he has yet to pen a memoir. It may be on his retirement game plan.

For Contemporary Christian music fans, you'll love Dan's biography of his good friend and the grandfather of modern Christian music, John Michael Talbot. It's called SIGNATURES

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Ric Hansen


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