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What's God got to do with business?

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Bobb Biehl has been sharing common sense (God inspired) mentoring to business executives for the past 40+ years. Over 500 companies and churches and 5000 executives have reached out to this brilliant behind-the-scenes leader for guidance. His mission is to strengthen leaders and provide support helping them to grow their organizations on solid, tested principals. In our conversation, Bobb shares how his doubt-filled teen years pivoted to a real rock solid faith in college due in large because of the writings of Tom Skinner and Dr. John Lennox. Throughout the years he has integrated Christian beliefs into corporate and Christian management styles not by preaching, but by modeling a Christ-like philosophy in business leadership. Bobb has written 23 books. You'll find his well read book "Decade by Decade"will open your eyes with a new perspective on where you are at in life from a broader overview. Bobb will give you a glimpse as he shares his story. What has God got to do with business...a lot! And you'll hear a little about how right here on episode 51 of Amazing Greats.

"Amazing Greats" is a library of interviews with highly successful people who have amazing career and life stories and who share how God has impacted their journey. Hosted by broadcaster Ric Hansen & produced by Klem Daniels. Available on Apple, Spotify, iHeart, Google and our YouTube Channel. Please help us grow our audience by "liking", "subscribing and "Sharing". Thanks so much.


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