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World Series team to TEAM JESUS - Doug Flynn



I say this a lot. But... I'll say it again. This is one of my favorite conversations. Meet legendary major league baseball player, Doug Flynn. He was team mates with Pete Rose, Johnny Bench, Ken Griffey and the rest of the Great 8 from the Cincinnati Reds world series winning 1975 and 76 team . He'll share the excitement of those years, the trauma of baseball trades, the power of a 40 year marriage and the challenges of cancer.

Doug shares the heart breaking story of his sister's disappearance, his life changing Christian journey with "Professional Athletes Outreach" and how he went from an upbringing in the Baptist church to an awesome relationship with Jesus. As he says, you can only trick people into believing you're a Christian for so long. Then it becomes real.

This episode is overflowing with joy, and laughter along with life long lessons learned.

Thanks to my good friend George Toles for the introduction....

and to Doug for promising to make even more Amazing Great connections!

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